COVID-19 and migration between rural regions and cities in Finland, Japan and South Korea – Current research and preliminary reflections

Muuttomoottori invites you to an international seminar between Finland, Japan and South-Korea 23rd of November 2021 09:00 – 12:20 CET

Time and place: 
23rd of November 2021
09:00 – 12:20 CET
Online-seminar ZOOM

The general outline of the seminar:

Session I: COVID-19 and rural urban migration: Preliminary research results and perspectives
Multilocality and telework have become familiar during the COVID crisis in Finnish, Japanese
and Korean societies, and the growth of metropolitan areas have slowed down or even stopped.
Migration has turned from urban to rural. Are we witnessing a historical change, or is this just
a temporary phenomenon?

Session II COVID-19 and the future of non-metropolitan regions from regional developers’ and policy makers’ perspective – New opportunities for regional growth?
Before COVID crisis the population and economy of Japan, Finland and South Korea become
continuously more centered around metropolitan regions, especially the capitals Tokyo,
Helsinki and Soul. At the same time many rural areas were suffering from declining population
and the loss of economic dynamism. COVID crisis disturbed this development. The future
prospects for non-metropolitan regions have looked better, whereas metropolitan regions are
not as attractive places to live and work as they used to be. What kind of regional policies
should be followed and what practical measures taken to keep up this development?

Detailed agenda is available here.

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University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, Seinäjoki Finland
Migration Institute of Finland, Seinäjoki, Finland
Hirosaki University Innovative Regional Research Center, Hirosaki, Japan
The event is co-fianced by UniPID BRIDGES Partnership Support Instrument Grants.

Contact person:
Aapo Jumppanen