International Seminar on October 29th in Seinäjoki


Invitation to International Seminar on Migration and Regional Economic Development – 29th October 2019 in Seinäjoki

Time: Tuesday 29th October 2019
Place: Congress Center Frami (Frami B, 2nd floor, Watt&Edison) in Seinäjoki

How domestic and international migrations relate to smart regional economic development in regions beyond major cities? Are there spatial alternatives to urbanization as ‘savoir faire’? What are future development paths for strong and advanced communities outside of urban agglomerations and growth poles? How does the relation between the migration and regional economic development evolve? Join the discussion!

Tentative program:
9:15 Coffee available
9:30 Welcome and opening words – agenda for the day! |Senior researcher Markku Mattila, Migration Institute of Finland
9:40 Against the Grain! Migration and Development in Seinäjoki region | Senior researcher Mika Raunio
10:15 Migration, Employment and Regional Development in Urban and Peripheral Denmark | Prof. Høgni Kalsø Hansen, Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen
11:00 Economic Development and Place Attractiveness in Alfred Nobel’s Karlskoga | Dr. Rhiannon Pugh, School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, University of Örebro
11:45 Discussion: Egg or Chicken? Insights from audience
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Vitality Policy as a Tool to Attract In-Migration | Research Director Teemu Makkonen, Spatia, University of Eastern Finland
14:15 Holding on to attractiveness through supply of better urbanity: Can it be viewed as an urban design issue? Snapshots from Tampere City Region | Prof. Ilari Karppi, Schools of Management and Business, Tampere University
15:00 Coffee break
15:15 Discussion among the participants and audience: What are the lessons of the day?
15:45 Wrap up and take aways
16:00 End of the seminar

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Keynote speakers:
Høgni Kalsø Hansen, Associate Professor University of Copenhagen
Høgni Kalsø Hansen is doing research within the area of urban economic dynamics focusing on the match/mismatch between industrial structures and skills along with human capital innovation and labour mobility.

Rhiannon Pugh, Post Doctoral Researcher, Örebro University
Rhiannon Pugh in doing research in the governance of regional economic development, especially in the context of weaker, post-industrial, uncompetitive, and peripheral regions. She is interested in how key theories and approaches in economic geography are translated into policy actions, and how relevant and tenable these dominant approaches are when considered in non-favourable regional settings.

Teemu Makkonen, Research Director, Spatia, University of Eastern Finland
Teemu Makkonen works as Research Director in Spatia, Centre for Regional Research at the University of Eastern Finland. Spatia offers research and expertise services on regional development, planning and politics. In research Spatia’s strengths are related to regional economic development and competitive ability, rural development and cross-border co-operations.

Ilari Karppi, Adjunct professor, Tampere University
Ilari Karppi works at School of Management and Business at TUNI. He has a long experience on regional studies and urban development research. He has also participated numerous development projects related to urban planning and development in addition to academic work.

Additional information and a detailed seminar programme will be provided soon. The seminar language is English.

Welcome to Seinäjoki in October!

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